Non Contact Voltage Detector Pen

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Product Description

AC Voltage Detectors Smart Non-Contact Tester Pen Meter 12-1000V Electric Sensor Test Pencil Infrared Function Easy To Use Mini

1.Range Of Voltage Detection:High Sensitivity:AC 12-1000 V ; Low sensitivity:AC 48-1000 V
2.Zero Line And Fire Line Judgment:According to the color change of the backlight: yellow(zero line);Red (Fire Line)
3.Signal Strength Display:Yellow(Weak signal indicator) ; Red (Strong signal indicator)
4.Signal Strength Indicator:When the signal is weak, the buzzer sounds slowly and the yellow light is on; when the signal is strong, the buzzer is rapid and the red light is on
5.Alarm Method:Sound And Light Alarm
6.Probe Shape: Prolate shape
7.Infrared Pointing Light:Yes
9.Power Supply: 2x1.5V AAA Batteries

10.Safety Rating:CAT.Ⅲ 1000V CAT.Ⅳ600V